TT Trans d.o.o.

Since 2007, TT Trans d.o.o. operates as a family business, providing international road transportation between Greece and central European countries including: Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Austria and Germany. We offer 14 tautliner trucks. Our premises are in BTC Ljubljana Industrial zone-Logistics center and we now offer warehousing services in the very area.

Last year we were awarded with the SMA-Excellent Small & Medium Enterprises award by the Slovenian Chamber of Economy. Taking orders for international road transportation, we guarantee that the delivery will be done on time and on schedule. Most of all, you get the care and consideration you expect for your goods, we minimize the external factors on the rate and quality of trucking, we take responsibility for the safety of your things, providing insurance services, as well as we hold an ADR licence. We handle FTL (full-truck loads), PTL (part-truck loads) as well as household goods transport.

All tautliners hold a GPS trucking  system. Since all trucks belong to our company, we are able to offer best possible prices for our services. More than anything, we want to earn the right to be your moving company!


Please do not hesitate, to send as a request, and we will be right back to you with an offer.